Saturday, October 15, 2022

Book Review - Bosses and Blackjacks

Family Saga, History, Politics - You Know, All the Fun Stuff

Imagine finding out David Bennett, the grandfather you never knew, was a notorious player in Philadelphia politics at the start of the 20th century. Imagine reading about him in old newspapers. Imagine what his life was like. Imagine what brought him to his place in the world.

That’s exactly what L. C. Bennett Stern did with her fictionalized non-fiction book, Bosses and Blackjacks: A Tale of “The Bloody Fifth” in Philadelphia.

On a journey to discover a lost relative, Linda explores family, local history, and the vagaries of politics, along with the needs and emotions that drive people to do things that might not be as ethical and moral as they wish. 

A story that is accessible, believable, and compassionate, Linda invites us to learn more about life in the early 1900s from close perspectives and intimate vignettes. The book includes images from contemporary sources. 

Linda is currently working on book three of her trilogy, The Mari Mort Theater Trilogy, loosely based on another interesting ancestor that moves coast to coast with Mae, David Bennett’s older sister.  I highly recommend you check them out, too.

Stern Words - website

L.C. Bennett Stern - facebook


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